About Our School

Jardín Eldora is an urban farm and Spanish immersion program. At Jardín Eldora, life is the curriculum. Both children and adults are involved in the learning that takes place. Every day, we pay attention to the earth, the elements, our environment and materials available to us. We engage in imaginative play. We ask questions to foster critical thinking and reflection. We model kindness and empathy toward each other and all living things.

We opened our doors to families in 2018 and continue to grow and transform our school to a small-scale urban farm. We are starting to grow our own vegetables and fruits. We recently built a chicken coop and have 4 wonderful chickens. We hope to add more animals like rabbits, a turtle, and build beneficial predators habitats in the future.

We are passionate and committed to raising bilingual, kind, and nature-loving children.

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To provide a high-quality Spanish program in an urban farm-like environment for San Diego county families. We are inspired by social justice frameworks, particularly ecological justice, and Waldorf education. We place play, community, and nature at the center of our children’s education.


  • Native-Spanish teachers from Colombia & Mexico
  • 1:3 adult to child ratio
  • Welcoming and inclusive  home-based environment
  • Organic, non-gmo homemade meals, with vegetarian options. We support our local farmers
  • Outdoor and indoor play area with an emphasis on natural materials
  • Singing and dancing to traditional, empowering songs from Latin America
  • Engaging with books that foster kindness and empathy 
  • Grow with us and experience the transformation of our school!

We are a licensed childcare provider by the Department of Social Services in California

LIC # 376627518