Our Staff

STEFANY, Director

With over 12 years of experience working in education, Stefany is dedicated to improving how we educate our children and build strong communities. She earned her MA in Urban Education and Social Justice and worked as a teacher in San Francisco before becoming a mother to her amazing children. Jardín Eldora is Stefany’s dream:  a way to bring together her love for children, a passion for environmental justice, and Latin American culture. Stefany’s hope is that Jardín Eldora is a safe space where families feel empowered in raising bilingual, kind and nature-loving children. 

Stefany’s Education & Community Involvement

GRISEL, Teacher Assistant

Grisel is originally from Mexico. She was raised in a farm far from the city. She is a mom to 8 year old Abigail and 5 year old Wyatt. Grisel loves working with children. After watching her son receive loving and knowledgeable care through speech therapy, she was inspired to work in education. Her hobbies are music and dance. She plays “son jarocho”, which is a musical style of Veracruz. She also dances ballet folkloric from Mexico.